Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People who look like my baby

Ron Livingston, Johnny Knoxville, Oliver Platt, Jimmy Neutron, The Nutty Professor, Elvis, Bob the Builder, Donny Osmond, Goober, Chief from Battlestar Galactica, George Stephanopoulos

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diaper time

I am excited to start using our new cloth diapers (http://www.bumgenius.com/)! I ordered a new batch that should be here in a couple days. The "One Size" diaper fits a baby 8-35 lbs. John John was almost 9 lbs when he was born and the diapers were huge on him. Now that he is over 11lbs we are gonna make the transition. I fear, however, that we will have to go up a clothing size to fit over his bulky bum.
I found a great "wet bag" from http://www.snuggybaby.com/ that might be a good item. Does anyone use this for laundry?

Tomorrow is the dreaded 2 month doctor appointment.  He is going to get 4 shots! I think Luke and I will be treating ourselves to a fun dessert on his behalf. 

Big house, little family

Luke and I have the house to ourselves for the week while mom and dad visit Jack and Amy in Indiana.  We are using the time to get John John on a  better routein.  My brilliant friend Whitney told me about The Baby Whisperer and the issues she addresses in her book are EXACTLY what we need help with.  Thank you, thank you! She helped me to see that I was feeding him too little too often and encouraging some bad habits such as eating a few times at night and making him dependent on us to fall asleep.  So the transition begins.  It has been a rough couple of nights.  When he woke up this morning he had a hard time nursing.  I was so tired and frusterated and had to put him down and go cry in the shower for a while.  I am so glad to have a husband to share the responsibility!  It works out good that we have our breakdown moments at different times and can give the other one a pep talk when necessary.  I only wish he could breastfeed.